Brighton SLSC offers two highly subsidised swimming programs:

Immanuel College:

The Brighton Surf Club Junior swimming program is located at Immanuel College’s 25m swimming pool.

The program is suitable for junior club members who have completed a learn to swim school program or can complete the club swim without stopping and are looking to improve their skills and fitness.

The sessions are run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7pm and finishing at 8pm.

The focus of the program is on freestyle technique and fitness with the aim to improve each junior member’s swimming ability. The program also acts at a progression into competitive swim club programs, such as Unley Swimming Club. Parents/carers and adult members are welcome also.

For more information please email our Head Club Coach (Patrick Cobiac):

Unley Swimming Club:

The Unley Swim Club is a competitive swimming club that focuses on open water swimming.

The program is suitable for Brighton club members who are highly competitive and are seeking a high performance environment. The sessions at Unley swimming club are of high intensity and cover approximately up to 4km of swimming per session.  There are number of sessions available during the week depending on your ability. The program is inclusive and highly rewarding for committed and consistent swimmers.

For further information please contact Craig Jones: 0425 532 536 or