Surfboat racing is one of the most remarkable sports within Surf Life Saving competitions. This high adrenaline sport is filled with thrills and spills that make it one of the most visually spectacular surf sports.

Surf specialized boats are crewed by four rowers and steered by a sweep. Racing replicates a surf rescue scenario by starting with boats lined up at the beach. Racing begins when the starter gun goes off and the rowers have to enter the boat and commence their journey out to sea.

The surf boats must punch their way through perilous surf and swell in order to reach their hapless victim, replicated by a turning buoy. After conducting a turn, crews head back to shore by navigating the surf and catching a wave whilst the sweep keeps the boat travelling straight.

The race is won when the first boat crosses the finish line.

 Sounds easy right…..


Surf rowers are commonly regarded as the strongest, bravest and most fearless of competitors in the Surf realm.

Surf boat rowing is the ultimate team sport requiring timing, technique, fitness, strength, dedication and nerves of steel.


The Brighton Surf Club has a proud tradition of being competitive in Surf Rowing with crews competing annually at State, National and even World events.

The Brighton Surf Life Saving Club has rowing crews of all levels from social to highly competitive, as well as a range of highly experienced sweeps and coaches.


If you are interested in Surf Boat rowing contact the Boat Captain on 0455 888 939 or email