Age Group Managers are volunteers who are usually parents/carers, and are allocated to each age group with responsibility for organising and conducting the various Nipper activities.

Age Group Managers will wear White and Red AGM shirts and can be found on the beach. Many of our patrolling Club Members started as parents/carers accompanying their children to Nippers each week.

All we need is enthusiasm and an open mind for you to start the Age Group Manager process. The Junior President and existing Age Group Managers will assist all new Age Managers while they are learning the ropes.

Age Group Manager Requirements:

  • Be a current registered member of BSLSC
  • Have completed a Working With Children Check
  • Complete the Online Age Manager Course

The main responsibilities of the Age Group Managers are as follows:

  • Encourage the children in their age group to participate, enjoy, co-operate and compete in all activities of the Club
  • Keep weekly records of each child’s attendance and proficiency achievements
  • Assist in the development of surf awareness and surf safety for the children in their age group/s
  • Attend and organise the children and teams to compete at interclub carnivals (Under 8 – Under 13)
  • Instruct the children in their age group of the necessary requirements for the National Awards
  • Keep children and parents/carers informed of the requirements of the age group and of Club activities, carnivals, competition dates, etc.
  • Ensure the children of the age group are aware of and encourage sun protection.

Parents/carers are encouraged to make themselves known to their child’s Age Group Manager and to offer assistance when required.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s ability or if your child has any medical condition that may restrict him or her in any way, please speak with your Age Manager.

The Age Group Managers for the 2023-24 season are:


Lecia Wood

Laura Coote

Shaun Meehan


Stewart Watson

Jen Brenton


Louisa Beaumont

Aaron Smith

Geoff Denison


David Floreani

Joe Raymond

Lindsey Kavanagh


Gavin Notridge


Jeff & Jacob Owens

Jordan Bowden

Fletcher Wiseman

Sumer Ryan


Heath Hanton

Ben Cornish

Anthony Elder