What will your children do at Nippers?

The Nipper Program aims to teach children surf awareness, surf skills, lifesaving skills, competitive and teamwork skills, as they progress through the age groups from Under 7 to Under 13. Nippers gain awareness of beach hazards like surf and rips and a basic knowledge of resuscitation and first aid skills relevant to their age group.

Activities Included

Surf safety, Surf swimming, Surf swimming, Flags, March past, Rescue & resuscitation, Wading, Running, Board paddling, Swimming skills


The Nippers season starts October and runs through until early March.

We start at 2:00pm on the Beach every Saturday and finish around 4:00pm. It is expected that Nippers arrive at the beach approximately 20 minutes before their start time. There will be a briefing by the Junior President or senior club member to all Nippers, parents and carers, before children split off into the age groups.

New nippers can do a "Come and Try" session any time during the season. Please complete the online come and try form on this website so the team will know you are coming along. 

What to bring

Each week Nippers will be required to bring the following:

  • Bathers – Preferably Brighton SLSC or Red
  • Brighton SLSC Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Brighton SLSC Red Nipper skull cap*
  • Hi-vis pink rashie*
  • Long sleeve shirt – Preferably Brighton SLSC
  • Towel
  • SPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Goggles
  • Warm clothing, including rash vests or wetsuits when cold
  • Water bottle

*NOTE: For safety reasons, it is compulsory for Nippers to wear the pink hi-vis vest or rashie and the Nipper coloured cap. U7’s are provided with a coloured cap each week by their Age Group Manager

Swimming Skills

While surf swimming skills are developed, it is important that parents appreciate that it is not the role of the program to teach children to swim. It is expected that children would have had swimming lessons and training prior to, or in addition to, coming down to the club.

Board Training

This is an optional extra training session for U8's and above who compete or aim to compete at carnivals. The purpose of these training sessions is to improve their board paddling skills. Children have first passed a timed proficiency swim in order to attend.

NOTE: All Nippers must have one parent or carer on the beach or at the club at all times while their child is present. For U7, one parent or carer must be directly supervising their child.

At the end of your designated time, Nippers are required to have their name marked off the role by their Age Group Manager. They will then remove their cap, signifying that they have finished Nippers for the day. NO NIPPER WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE NIPPERS UNSUPERVISED.

Proficient swimmers are welcome to join the 4pm Club swim for a handicapped, 400m open water swim. We encourage all proficient Nippers to join in.

At the conclusion of our Saturday afternoon sessions, a sausage sizzle will be available at the front of the club for all members. Plus you are welcome to come upstairs to the club bar and bistro for a meal and a drink. All funds raised through the sale of food and beverages goes back to the club.

Keep an eye on the Club Facebook pages and newsletters for additional activities and events which may take place in conjunction with these days throughout the season.