As a Brighton SLSC member, if you feel that the Member Protection Policy has been breached (e.g. you have witnessed bullying, discrimination, harassment or abuse) we encourage you to speak with our MPIOs (Alistair Baird or Fiona Starr).

The role of the MPIO is to provide you with the options available to address this concern.  If the appropriate action is to lodge a complaint, the MPIO will assist you with doing this, and below are the steps that the complaint will follow.

Please note: The MPIO will not be involved in managing or conducting the complaint process. The MPIO provides information on the rights, responsibilities and options to the member. 

The Brighton SLSC Complaint Manager will follow the SLSA Policy and the Brighton SLSC By-Laws which may involve the formation of a Judiciary Committee.  

Please ensure you are familiar with the SLSA Complaints Resolution Policy and Flowchart before you lodge a complaint. 

SLSA Reporting system - Link to lodge a complaint

Brighton SLSC By-Laws can be requested from the Club Secretary.