The Brighton SLSC echo the sentiments from John Baker ESM, SLSA President and Brighton SLSC Life Member, to endorse the Child Safe commitment to keeping children and young people safe from abuse and neglect. You can see this commitment on the SLSA website here

Why is member protection and child safeguarding important?

  • Member protection - These are the practices in place to protect Brighton SLSC members from discrimination, harassment, abuse and other inappropriate behaviour. To build and maintain a positive and safe environment. 
  • Child safeguarding - These are the practices in place at Brighton SLSC, contributing to an environment which is as safe as possible for children to enjoy and participate. 
  • All Brighton SLSC members are bound by SLS policies to ensure the safety of other members.

You will find information on this website that outlines how the club will enable everyone to contribute to this. The following team are in place to support members and adhere to SLS's policies.

If you have concerns about a child's safety and the matter is urgent, or if the safety, health or welfare of a child or victim is at risk - please call the Police on 000.