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Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club
The Esplanade, Brighton,
South Australia, 5048, Australia

The bistro is open to the public at the following times:
- Friday 5pm - 8pm
- Sunday 3pm - 8pm
Bookings can be made by calling Tanny on 0433 886 830 

Email for General Enquiries:
Club Enquires:  0493 745 990

We would love to answer any questions you have, here is a full list of our contacts for you to choose from.

General enquiries Nicky Morgan
President  Katrina Meehan
Vice President Ali Baird  
Club Captain  Kevin Whelan
Treasurer Vince Cobiac
Secretary Nicky Morgan
Clubhouse Manager Brent Bunting
Chief Instructor  Ingrid Cobiac
Competition Manager David Chappill
Functions Alison Saunders
Lifesaving Services David Lucas
Nipper President Jeff Owens
Nipper Secretary Faith Wallace
Records Barb Staite
Registrar Michelle Vincent
Running competition area Melinda McAinsh
Sponsorships and grants Kathryn Casey
Surf Boats competition area Sam Scaglione
Supporter / Community members
Uniforms Jo Beaumont
Youth division Neil Saunders
Head Coach Patrick Cobiac